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All About the Democratic Party...

The Democratic Party platform includes
equal opportunity, protecting the environment,
and healthcare for everyone.

Famous Democratic presidents include:
Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Barack Obama.

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Democratic Party Coloring Page

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Democratic Party Coloring Book

Learn more about
The Democratic Party!

Grab your crayons and join us on a colorful learning adventure about the Democratic Party. In this 24-page reproducible Democratic Party Coloring Book, you will color and learn about:

  • When the Democratic Party began
  • The Democratic Party symbol
  • The Democratic Party logo
  • Famous Democratic presidents and other important people
  • The Democratic platform
  • The Democratic National Convention
  • High School Democrats of America

The Democratic Party Coloring Book also includes activities like a word search, an amazing maze, connect the dots, double trouble, design your own campaign button, draw the other half of the Capitol, and decoded messages.

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